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The Wirral 100 Motor Club has its own Facebook pages with up to date information relating to the club and its racing.


Through the season and beyond we use twitter to communicate with our riders and fans on our activities.

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ANGLESEY: - Sat / Sun 22nd June / 23rd June 2024 – Club Championships and Guest Classes

OULTON PARK - Sat 10th August 2024 – Club Championships and Guest Class

ANGLESEY: Sat / Sun 12th / 13th October 2024 – ‘Anglesey Grand’


Entries for the above race meeting are now open and entry forms will be warmly welcomed, either on-line or via post or via email attachments. See the Downloads section of the website for further information.

The meeting includes all of the W100 normal classes, plus three guest classes – the ACU British Sidecar Championships, the FSRA Pre-Injection Sidecar Championships, and the ACU Ultra Lightweight British Championship.

With such a variety of rider and machines, it should be a special weekend. We ask riders and marshals alike to give it your support – please.


Garages will be available via advance booking only. Please do not ring. email or message Race Administration (Helen) for garage allocation. A garage booking form which is available in the downloads section of the Clubs website must be completed in full to be considered for a garage. Garages will be allocated on a first come first served basis i.e. the first forms received until all garages are allocated.


Club membership forms for 2024 can be downloaded from the Downloads section on the Club website, and we would urge all members, and especially riders to re-join as soon as possible, so that licences can be applied for and received in good time for the start of the 2024 season.

Last year the ACU introduced a new Members’ System & Club Management Platform in conjunction with Sport80, and once again this year riders and licenced officials will still have to join an ACU affiliated club (hopefully Wirral Hundred) before their licences can be issued, and the ACU will contact the club (Helen in our case) to confirm that the membership is valid. Once this is confirmed, the individuals will receive an e-licence for their smartphone; alternatively, a PDF version of the licence will be provided to be downloaded and printed off. Plastic licences will no longer be used. Please note there is no longer a 9-digit code for renewing your ACU licence.

Helen would be pleased to assist anyone experiencing problems in obtaining their licence – she can be contacted on 07936 098723 or via email hsmith.w100mc@yahoo.com.


It is not long until The Wirral 100s first meeting, Sunday March 31st and Monday 1st April on Anglesey.

If you are available to join us on this weekend or even any of our future meetings, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please complete the following link 

Online Registration

Alternatively contact



2024 Classes

To ensure we have as many filled grids as possible; the Club is open-minded to keep classes under review and we welcome rider feedback so we can ensure a successful 2024. These classes may require further ‘tweaking’ as the season evolves.

* Powerbikes -These are the big capacity bikes featuring Superbike & Superstock specification machinery– four – cylinder machines over 700cc, twin – cylinder machines over 916cc (excluding Ducati V2), manufactured 2012 to present day. No tyre restrictions. With a sub class, depending on entries, for machines produced in the period 1988 – 2011 (‘Powerbikes - Pre’).

* Club Supersport - These are the middleweight bikes featuring the Supersport & Superstock specification machinery. Production based machines 600cc 4 - stroke 4 – cylinder & 675 3 cylinder produced since 2011, to include the 636 – 4 cylinder & Ducati 1000cc V2. No tyre restrictions. With a sub class for early injected machines 2000 to 2010, (‘Club Supersport – Pre’).

* Freshman Open - Open to riders starting their season as a Novice or Intermediate Novice licence holder riding 600 – 1300cc machines. Providing that sufficient entries are received this championship will run as a standalone race. In the event of insufficient entries, points will be awarded within classes 1 and 2 and called ‘Powerbikes Freshman Open’ and ‘Club Supersport Open’.

* 820cc Twins, twin cylinder machines up to 820cc, including Junior Supersport. Treaded or slick tyres. (Junior Supersport treaded tyres only).

* Allcomers 100 – 500cc – eligible machines - 125 / 250 /Moto 3 (Slick Tyres); Junior Supersport (Treaded Tyres); Modern 400 and Formula 400 (Treaded Tyres).

* Pre-Injection - Pre-Injection 600 – Non-fuel injected machines manufactured up to 2002. 401 to 600cc. Pre-Injection 1300 Machines over 750cc, with a carburettor; no other restrictions up to 2001. Slick tyres are permitted.

* Golden Era Supersport - Golden Era Supersport – pre- 2003 Supersport machines (600cc 4-cylinder machines & 750cc Twins). Any choice of tyres. Steel-framed models will automatically be categorised as ‘Steelsport’ for championship purposes.

* CB500 - Open to all CB500 machines such as Honda CB500; Suzuki GS500 and Kawasaki ER500. Treaded Tyres only. Providing that sufficient entries are received this championship will run as a standalone race. In the event of insufficient entries, the championship will be run within a shared grid.

* Super Un-faired - Un-faired production-based Street Bikes for example BMW F900, Suzuki Bandit.

* Forgotten era & Classic up to 500cc – Forgotten Era - 1972 – 1992. With a sub class, depending on entries, for Classic Bikes.

* W100 Open National (extra class / one race per day)– for National licence holders riding machines over 600cc.

* W100 Open Pre- National Cup (extra class / one race per day) – for Novice, Intermediate Novice & Clubman licence holders, riding machines over 600cc.

* Open Sidecars.


ACU British F2 Sidecar Championships – For the 17th year we are again delighted to be hosting the ACU British Formula 2 Sidecar championship and in 2024 they will be with us at Anglesey in June.

FSRA Pre-Injection Sidecar Championships - for several years we have also been organising rounds of the emerging FSRA Pre-injection Sidecar championships, running with the W100 Open Sidecar races and in 2024 we will be pleased to see them at Anglesey in June.

ACU Ultra Lightweight Championship – For the third time we will welcome competitors in the ACU Ultra Lightweight Championship, a racing championship to promote small capacity road racing for riders 14 years and older. Incorporating 50cc two stroke, 80/85cc two stroke and 125cc four stroke ‘streetstock’ & evotech machines at our Oulton Park round in August and at Anglesey in June.


We are delighted to confirm that the following trophy sponsors have so far indicated their support for 2024:

CARL ROBERTS & EMJESS RACING will again be the trophy sponsors of the Powerbikes class. Carl, a former regular racer, former committee member and trials observer with W100, and now a part-time racer, general advisor and rider sponsor continues to give us this most welcome support.

ANGLESEY VANS, owned by friend of the W100 paddock Caskie Owen and based at Trac Mon, continue and will sponsor the Club Supersport class.

There may be other trophy sponsors in the pipeline and details will be published in due course.


We are once again hoping to use our online system for marshals’ and officials’ availability in 2024, and all are requested please to go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOjMBUZGDRLXgqprAgdgaJRJMxTRJ7EkcxP7oJxNpD1G3ABQ/viewform

and complete the online form.

Racing, of course, cannot take place unless we have sufficient marshals and officials, and we are always keen to recruit newcomers, male or female, experienced or not experienced. You may already attend our race meetings and wish to get more involved. Don’t be shy, step forward - you will be made to feel very welcome.


Hello everyone, I thought I should introduce myself, as I have taken up the role of Chief Marshal for The WIRRAL HUNDRED Motor Club

My name is Angela Jacques, many may know me from marshalling with other clubs, so you may want to skip the next part.

However, those that do not, I have been marshalling since the early 70s both circuits and roads. I have marshaled with all the clubs that have been, and still are around. I have done the TT and Irish Roads and of course Olivers Mount, along with this I have marshaled SuperMoto. I currently marshal with Racesafe, Olivers Mount and all the clubs, when time allows.

I assisted the Chief Marshal for TSGB for 7 years and for 2 years was the Chief Marshal for Norasport at their Cadwell Park meeting.

I know I have the full support of the Wirral 100 officials and of course Dave Edwards, who will, still be around with his other club duties.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope you will be gentle with me till I get to know you all.

I will be contacting everyone via email in the next few weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, problems, and suggestions, I am here to listen and learn.

Angela 07956291985 angie.jacques54@gmail.com


Having regard to the General Data Protection Regulations, the Club has published a Privacy Notice for Riders, Officials, Marshals and Other Members. This Notice appears in the Downloads section of this website.

Photo Credits on the front page

Allister Dickson; John Martin Davies; Peter Williams; Phil Newell, PJpics73


 via our website www.wirral100.co.uk, and via Facebook and Twitter

CHAIRMAN: Dave Edwards


GENERAL SECRETARY – Neil Broughton email: w100mc@gmail.com

TREASURER – Dave Francis, Apt 8 Parkgate House, Greenway, Parkgate, Neston, South Wirral, CH64 6XG (tel – 0151 336 4940)

ROAD RACE SECRETARY – Helen, Kerrowmoar, 18 Y Maes, Denbigh, LL16 3JR (tel – 07936 098723; email: hsmith.w100mc@yahoo.com)

ROAD RACE CHIEF MARSHAL – Dave Edwards, 16 Crosthwaite Ave, Eastham, Wirral, CH62 9DG (tel – 0151-327 4399 or 07801 539214; email: david.edwards10@ntlworld.com)

CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER – Martin Crook (tel - 07423 056280; email: crookmec@talktalk.net)

RIDERS’ LIAISON OFFICER – David Jones email: davidj8992@icloud.com

SOCIAL SECRETARY – David Jones email: davidj8992@icloud.com


PRESIDENT: Margaret Dewsnap

VICE PRESIDENTS: John Barnett, Joe Edwards, Pete Kelly, John Watkin


COMMITTEE: All above plus Jimmy Aspinall, Steve Jones, Gary Uttley & Andy Wilmore.

The ACU rules require that new riders to road racing and anyone wishing to re-start racing after an absence of five years or more must attend a classroom-based course (CTC).

Unless he or she is able to prove having held a Clubman’s or National licence previously, they must also be assessed on-track for their basic riding competence (BRA), before being granted a road race licence. To facilitate this, the club intends to run a combined course for solo riders alongside its race day at Anglesey on Saturday 19th March (date changed from 26th March). The fee for the combined course will be just £140, or £60 for the CTC & £80 for the BRA.

Anyone wishing to obtain more details should contact the Club’s New Riders’ Liaison Officer Paul Brandon (tel 01244 950922 or email paulbrandon31@yahoo.co.uk). It is expected that a Booking Form for the Course will be available in the Downloads section of the Club website in early January.