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2024 General Regs


ANGLESEY: Mon 1st April 2024 - Permit No. ACU202532 – EMN10/1635

OULTON PARK - Sat 20th April 2024 - Permit No. ACU202533 - EMN10/1636

ANGLESY: - Sat / Sun 22nd June / 23rd June 2024 - Permit No. ACU202534 - EMN10/1637

OULTON PARK - Sat 10th August 2024 - Permit No. ACU202535 – EMN10/1638

ANGLESEY: Sat / Sun 12th / 13th October 2024 - Permit No. ACU202536 – EMN10/1639




The Wirral Hundred Motor Club will hold five European Open Road Race Meetings for Solo Motorcycle & Sidecar Machines at the venues and dates shown above, and under the above Permits granted by the ACU.

The Meetings will be held under the ACU's National Sporting Code and Standing Regulations for Road Races, these Supplementary Regulations, and any Final Instructions or Official Announcements subsequently issued.


 ACU Steward…..Dave Edwards

Clerks / Deputy Clerks of the Course…..N Broughton, Hefin Smith, Helen Smith

Secretary of the Meeting / Club Safeguarding……Helen Smith

Incident Officer……..M Walsh

Technical in Charge…..M Crook

Timekeepers……..Timing Solutions Limited (TSL)


a) All Competitors must be Registered Members of the Club, event (day) membership will be granted to riders & passengers competing in the various guest classes at each meeting. (Wirral Hundred Membership, if required - £25).

b) All riders and passengers must be in possession of a current ACU, SACU, or other FIM European affiliated FMN Competition Licence for Road Racing.

c) Holders of national licences issued by a European FMN other than the ACU or SACU must have start permission, that confirms the rider has Medical and Repatriation Insurance, from their Licence-issuing Federation. This include MCUI Licence holders

(Please hand a hard copy of the Start Permission to the Secretary of the Meeting at Signing On).

d) It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure s/he is eligible to compete on their machine, and that their machine is in a “race worthy” condition. It is strongly advised that the Road Race section of the ACU Library, together with the National Sporting Code, is read and understood


Entries must be made on an official Form and sent via the online entry booking system on the Club's website, or by post or email to the Secretary of the Meeting Helen, 'Kerrowmoar', 18 Y Maes, Denbigh, LL16 3JR or email (tel: 07936 098723).

Entry forms and entry fees must be received no later than the dates shown on the entry form.

Riders are strongly advised to submit their entries early, as the lists will be closed on the closing dates or when sufficient entries per class have been received, whichever is the earlier.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry and or abandon, cancel or postpone the meeting, or alter the programme of events and awards.

Reserves: - Riders accepted as reserves can withdraw their entry only if the Secretary of the Meeting is notified within 96 hours of the posting of such acceptance by the organisers. If there are insufficient vacancies to enable a reserve to ride, he/she will have his/her entry fee refunded. Reserves will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.


(1) As per each Entry Form

The organisers undertake to insure each rider/driver and passenger, indemnifying him or her against any third-party claims made arising out of the races or official practice, excluding claims by other drivers or passengers, entrants, sponsors, or mechanics.

(2) The Club may cancel or abandon the event or part of the event should entry levels or exceptional circumstances arise which in the opinion of the Club render such action desirable.

(3) Only in exceptional circumstances affecting a particular rider will entry fees (less an administration charge of £30) be refunded – no refunds will be considered unless the Secretary of the Meeting is notified in writing at least two days prior to the meeting and the unused entry passes subsequently returned.

(4) Late Entries: (those received 10 days prior to the meeting or later), subject to space in the event, a surcharge of £10 will be added to the entry fee.

(5) 7 days prior to the meeting will be the cut-off date for entry in the race programme.

(6) Entries close 10 days prior to each race meeting (R1 – March 21st; R2 – April 10th; R3 – June 12th;

R4 – July 31st; R5 – October 2nd)


At Anglesey the ‘Coastal’ Circuit (1.55 miles) will be used for the March and June meetings and the

'International' Circuit (2.10 miles) for the October meeting. The circuit length at Oulton Park is 2.69 miles.

Maximum number of starters at all circuits: Solos 40 (practice 60); Sidecars 30 (practice 45).


Whilst race lengths will ultimately depend on the number and mix of entries received, the Club's intention continues to be to maximise the length of its races.

Full details for each meeting will be published in Final Instructions issued by e-mail / post and published on the Clubs website prior to the meeting date.

The criteria for machines competing in the W100 classes are as set out in the Club's website.

W100 Championships

* Powerbikes -These are the big capacity bikes featuring Superbike & Superstock specification machinery– four – cylinder machines over 700cc, twin – cylinder machines over 916cc (excluding Ducati V2), manufactured 2012 to present day. No tyre restrictions. With a sub class, depending on entries, for machines produced in the period 1988 – 2011 (‘Powerbikes - Pre’).

* Club Supersport - These are the middleweight bikes featuring the Supersport & Superstock specification machinery. Production based machines 600cc 4 - stroke 4 – cylinder & 675 3 cylinder produced since 2011, to include the 636 – 4 cylinder & Ducati 1000cc V2. No tyre restrictions. With a sub class for early injected machines 2000 to 2010, (‘Club Supersport – Pre’).

* Freshman Open - Open to riders starting their season as a Novice or Intermediate Novice licence holder riding 600 – 1300cc machines. Providing that sufficient entries are received this championship will run as a standalone race. In the event of insufficient entries, points will be awarded within classes 1 and 2 and called ‘Powerbikes Freshman Open’ and ‘Club Supersport Open’.

* 820cc Twins, twin cylinder machines up to 820cc, including Junior Supersport. Treaded or slick tyres. (Junior Supersport treaded tyres only).

* Allcomers 100 – 500cc – eligible machines - 125 / 250 /Moto 3 (Slick Tyres); Junior Supersport (Treaded Tyres); Modern 400 and Formula 400 (Treaded Tyres).

* Pre-Injection - Pre-Injection 600 – Non-fuel injected machines manufactured up to 2002. 401 to 600cc. Pre-Injection 1300 Machines over 750cc, with a carburettor; no other restrictions up to 2001. Slick tyres are permitted.

* Golden Era Supersport - Golden Era Supersport – pre- 2003 Supersport machines (600cc 4-cylinder machines & 750cc Twins). Any choice of tyres. Steel-framed models will automatically be categorised as ‘Steelsport’ for championship purposes.

* CB500 - Open to all CB500 machines such as Honda CB500; Suzuki GS500 and Kawasaki ER500. Treaded Tyres only. Providing that sufficient entries are received this championship will run as a standalone race. In the event of insufficient entries, the championship will be run within a shared grid.

* Super Un-faired - Un-faired production-based Street Bikes for example BMW F900, Suzuki Bandit.

* Forgotten era & Classic up to 500cc – Forgotten Era - 1972 – 1992. With a sub class, depending on entries, for Classic Bikes.

* W100 Open National (extra class / one race per day)– for National licence holders riding machines over 600cc.

* W100 Open Pre- National Cup (extra class / one race per day) – for Novice, Intermediate Novice & Clubman licence holders, riding machines over 600cc.

* Open Sidecars.

Guest Championships

FSRA Pre-Injection Sidecars (June)

ACU British F2 Sidecars (June)

ACU Ultra Lightweight British Championship (June & August)


Awards in the form of cups or plaques will be given for specified races for each day for each W100 class.

The number of awards will depend on the numbers in each class.

Awards for the Guest classes will be in accordance with their Championship conditions.

Sponsored Special Awards may be made each meeting.


Points system: 15 - 12 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.

Ties to be decided by most wins, most seconds, etc.

All races at our meetings at Anglesey and Oulton Park to count.

Annual awards will be awarded to the first three in each class or sub-class, provided the entry levels justify this.

A minimum number of 6 riders per class must be received throughout the season for Championship awards to be presented.


a) Technical Verification times - see Final Instructions. Riders will not be permitted to practice until their machine and protective clothing have been passed by a Technical Official. Riders and passengers must sign on with the Secretary of the Meeting before 10.00am, after technical verification and before commencing practice. Licences must be produced when signing on and any rider or passenger unable to show his/her licence will only be permitted to start at the discretion of the Stewards in a meeting and may be liable to a fine not exceeding £10.00.

b) Number plates must comply with the ACU regulations.


All machines must be fitted with MyLaps X2, Tran X260 Transponder or equivalent.

Transponder numbers are required at the point of entry, and it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that the correct transponder number is listed against each machine and that transponders are correctly fitted when out on circuit.

Transponders are available to hire. The charge is £40.00. If the transponder is damaged in any way or lost, the rider will be responsible for the replacement of it.


The timetable and order of practice will be in the Final Instructions, being determined by the entries received.


Grid positions for all races will be performance-based and will be as set out in the Final Instructions.

(Grid positions for Guest classes will be in accordance with their Championship conditions.)


All races will be started by lights (or, if necessary, the lowering of the national flag). A red signal light will be displayed for up to five seconds and will then go out to start the race. Any rider adjudged to have made a false start, including starting from a position other than their allotted grid position, will incur a time penalty.


The Chequered flag will be displayed as the winner crosses the finishing line. The criteria for establishing the finishing order and the number of finishers are as set out in the ACU Standing Regulations.

16. TYRES - Slick tyres are permitted for W100 Solo classes 1, 2, 3, 4 (Excluding Junior Supersport), 5 (Excluding F400), 6, 7, 11,12.


The meeting on 12th and 13th of October incorporates the 'Anglesey Grand'. Invitations to this will be based on known ability and on performances on 12th October.


All Novice/Intermediate Novice licence holders are required to always wear an orange jacket while on circuit.


By taking part in a W100MC race meeting you accept that photographs may be taken for promotional purposes and used on the Clubs website or for the Clubs promotional materials.


Wirral Hundred Motor Club (˜the Club") will comply with the General Data Protection Regulations introduced on 25th May 2018. The personal data it collects from competitors, officials, marshals and other members will be stored securely and only used for the purpose of organising its motor cycle events and other club activities. It will not be shared with other bodies, other than the Auto-Cycle Union (˜ACU") (see below), and in the event of accidents with the ACU's insurers, etc. Privacy Notice on behalf of ACU - When a member joins the Wirral Hundred Motor Club he will automatically be registered as an affiliated member of the ACU. The Club will provide the ACU with the members personal data which it will use to enable access by that member to an online portal. Any member with concerns over the continuing privacy of personal data when it is shared with the ACU should refer to the privacy notice on the ACUs website. Adopted by the Clubs Committee on 12th June 2018