The Club History

For some more images from the past take a look at the 'Historic Gallery'.

All things have to have their beginnings somewhere and the Wirral 100 Motor Club is no different. If there are any club members who have details they wish to put up onto the site then pass them to me and I will try to get them on.

From 1947 until the early eighties, thanks to the late Len Turner, the Club always produced an Annual Film of the Club’s events. Joe Edwards has arranged for these films to be transferred to Video. The first Nine volumes are now available and cover the years from 1947 to 1966. Volumes one to six cover two years per tape and cost £10 each; and Volumes seven to nine cover three years per tape and cost £15 each.

The volumes currently available are:-
Vol. 1 – 1947; Vol. 2 – 1948/49; Vol. 3 – 1950/51; Vol. 4 – 1952/53; Vol. 5 – 1954/55; Vol. 6 – 1956/57;
These cost £10 each, and the following, as they cover three years cost £15 Each.
Vol. 7 – 1958/59/60; Vol. 8 – 1961/62/63; Vol. 9 – 1964/65/66.

The later videos cover the heydays of Oulton Park, with the Easter Internationals, etc.; the days of proper trials; Racing and car sprints at Rhydymywn; Sand Racing, when we used to get two rows of sidecars on the grid, and the likes of manx nortons competing in the solos; and a host of other memorable events that the Club organised.
They are well worth the cost!
To purchase these videos, or for more information,
Contact Joe Edwards on 0151-645 4598

I have already been passed a program from 1950 with the Wirral 100 running a road racing event at Rhydymwyn on Easter Monday. if you are interested then pass me the information or questions and I will try to get things sorted.


smrhydp7.jpg (27532 bytes) smrhydp11.jpg (24177 bytes)

I have also been passed a copy of a news paper from the time advertising and event to be run at Outlon Park in 1954 please follow the link to take a look.

Here are a couple of pictures from Rhydymwyn racing around 1962.

smrhyd1962.jpg (7130 bytes) smrhyd1962sidecar.jpg (9966 bytes)

I have received a number of images and a letter from the club to John Rogers congratulating him on his win at the Rhydymwyn circuit. For those of you who are interested I will put these up in a new 'Historic Gallery' please take a look and let me know if there is anything you would like to have included.