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Anglesey July 2017

A Report on this meeting appears in the Reports section of this website. Incidentally the main part of this report also forms the basis of reports on the ACU (News) and UK Clubsport websites, which are accompanied by some great photographs by Neil Lambert. UK Clubsport

ANGLESEY GRAND Meeting - 7th/8th October

The Club’s final race meeting of the year is its traditional and very popular “Anglesey Grand” meeting on the 2.10 mile International Circuit, when not only will the Club’s various 2017 championships be decided, but it will also include the 24th anniversary of the ‘Anglesey Grand’ feature races. The Grand is this year being sponsored by Paul Brand Motorsport and the prize fund is again expected to be £2,000. After last year’s meeting, when we had our best entry for years, we would urge riders to enter early so as to avoid disappointment. The entry closing date is 23rd September; entry forms can be downloaded from this website. This of course is the meeting not to miss before you go into winter hibernation.


For the October Test Day regs follow the link' Download'.

For the first time we will be running a Test Day the day before the ‘Anglesey Grand’ weekend – the entry fee is a modest £90 and entry forms can be downloaded from this website. We are also planning to run an ACU New Riders Course that day for anyone interested in starting racing in 2018, or indeed rejoining the sport after an absence of five years or more. The classroom- based Competitor Training Course will take place in the morning, whilst in the afternoon time will be set aside for the required Basic Riding Assessments. There is a real shortage of these courses around the UK, particularly at this time of the year, so please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Anyone requiring a Booking Form for the Course should contact Margaret Dewsnap on 01244 813127.


The Club is delighted to be taking take part in this special event as part of the circuit’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, remembering that we ran the first race meeting on the (old) circuit on 11th October 1992, and have now organised 105 race meetings at the circuit during those 25 years. The meeting is run in conjunction with BRSCC and the Wirral Hundred element will feature our Formula 600 class, with timed qualifying during the morning and two 12-lap legs; it will resemble a F600 version of the Anglesey Grand with entries restricted to those who have already ridden in our F600 races this year; there will be trophies for the first three on aggregate and £500 of prize money, spread amongst the first eight finishers, in each leg. It will be an opportunity to showcase our most popular class and we hope that the riders will give it their full support. Regulations and entry forms were distributed at the July meeting and any eligible rider who missed that meeting and requires a copy of the regulations & entry forms should contact Margaret Dewsnap. The closing date is 9th September.


The regulations & entry forms for our remaining race meetings at Anglesey and and our Anglesey Classic Parades in July are now all available via the Downloads section of this website. As usual riders are urged to forward their entry forms to Margaret Dewsnap two weeks before each meeting at the latest. Compliance with this simple request almost guarantees that the rider will have his entry accepted and it makes it so much easier for us to properly plan the meetings, hopefully for the benefit of everyone, who has entered.

1st class stamped, self-addressed envelopes

We also make a genuine plea to riders to send a 1st-class stamped, self-addressed envelope with the entry forms in order to facilitate the prompt and efficient posting of passes, final instructions, etc.

Hire of garages

As regards those riders wishing to hire the limited number of garages at Anglesey and Oulton, these will again be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. We no longer take telephone bookings for garages; anyone wishing to hire one must indicate so when entering the event, and confirmation of their hire will accompany the final instructions. The hire fee remains at £60 – many garages of course house six or more riders so the cost per weekend per rider remains very fair value-for-money.

Paddock Electricity

The paddock fraternity is reminded that, even if they hire garages, they should use personal generators, and not rely on circuit electricity for their power needs - for heating, cooking and tyre-warming.


We expect that we and most Clubs will be charging at least £30 per meeting in 2017 for the hiring out of hired-in transponders. So it does make a lot sense for riders to have their own. Be aware, though, that the old red TRAN X260 transponders, whilst still perfectly ok and no doubt available from ex-racers or on e-bay, are no longer being manufactured and are being phased out in favour of MYLAPS X2 car/bike (not kart) transponders that the manufacturers are selling on a subscription basis only. The weakness of the £ following the Brexit decision has unfortunately increased their costs by 18% this year, such that the costs for a rechargeable-battery type are now £130.80 (inclusive of VAT) for 1 year, £180 for 2 years, or £306 for 5 years. The costs of the direct-powered type start at £168. There is a link on TSL’s website, via its webstore, for riders wishing to buy. Also our usual reminder as regards existing transponders - to drain the batteries and then fully recharge them, so that they are fully operational at the first meeting.


This took place on Saturday 11th February at the Mercure Chester Abbots Well Hotel when 29 trophy winners, their family and friends, and the club officials, marshals and their guests came together to look back on 2016 and to look forward to 2017. Big thanks to Helen Smith, who made it all happen, and to the club’s chief guest Richard Cooper, who provided us all with a fascinating insight into his early racing years including his successes in the BMW Boxer Cup and European Superstock, and then latterly his career, experiences and successes in British Superbikes.


The ACU rules require that new riders to road racing and anyone wishing to re-start racing after an absence of five years or more must attend a classroom-based course (CTC). Unless he or she is able to prove having held a Clubman’s or National licence previously, they must also be assessed on-track for their basic riding competence (BRA), before being granted a road race licence. To facilitate this, the club intends to run a combined course alongside its test day at Anglesey on Saturday 25th March. The fee for the combined course will be just £70, or £35 for the CTC & £35 for the BRA. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Margaret Dewsnap (Tel 01244 813127) for a Booking Form.

Online Licensing

The ACU’s online licencing system allows Road Racers to renew or apply for their licences online. The Club has been issued with a unique series of Personal Identification Numbers (‘PIN’), such that when riders renew their club memberships we (ie Margaret Dewsnap) will provide them with their own PIN, and this number will be required to be input as part of the licence application procedure. If members prefer to complete their licence application forms in the traditional hand-written way, they will still be able to do so, although the PIN number will have to be inserted on the application form (either by the rider himself or by Margaret). Club membership forms have been sent to all 2016 members, and we would urge all riders to rejoin as soon as possible, so that licences can be applied for and received in good time for the start of the 2017 season. Potential new members can download the 2017 membership application form from this website Those potential racers who attended our New Riders Course (CTC) last March, but who have not yet applied for a licence, are reminded to do so by 11th March 2017, otherwise their CTC / BRA certificate obtained at that Course will become invalid.


Racing cannot take place unless we have sufficient marshals, and we are always keen to recruit newcomers, male or female, experienced or not experienced, English, Welsh or somewhere else, to join the so-called ‘orange army’. You may already attend our race meetings and wish to get more involved. Don’t be shy, step forward - you will be made to feel very welcome and you will be properly trained in the various safety aspects of marshalling. Those interested should contact Dave Edwards, the Club’s Chairman and Chief Marshal, on 0151-327 4399, or any officer or committee member. Thank you.

Sat 25th March – Anglesey (Test Day) – Coastal Circuit – (open to all ACU licence holders) Sun 26th March – Anglesey – Coastal Circuit Sat 22nd April – Oulton Park Sat / Sun 24th/25th June – Anglesey – Coastal Circuit (Sat) & International Circuit (Sun) Sat/ Sun 29th/30th July – Anglesey – Coastal Circuit Sat/Sun 7th/8th October – Anglesey Grand – International Circuit

ACU & FSRA Sidecar Championships – We are again delighted to be hosting rounds of the ACU/FSRA British Formula 2 and FSRA Formula 350, Post-Classic & Pre-injection Sidecar championships at Anglesey on 29th/30th July; the increasingly popular FSRA series for older machines will also be with us at Oulton Park on 22nd April.

Earlystocks Racing Club Championships – A new venture for us in 2016 was our hosting rounds of this championship (for pre 1987 machines); the riders liked what they saw and will be back with us again at Oulton Park, and at Anglesey on 24th / 25th June. Further information on this series can be found at www.earlystocks.co.uk

David Swallow Memorial Race – This race for single-cylinder classic bikes will switch to our Oulton Park meeting this year. There will be a prize fund of £500 - thanks to Bill Swallow and Davids long term sponsor Ken Platt, for their support.

The Anglesey Classic Parades will feature at our race meeting on 29th/30th July.


We are delighted to report that we have new and significant W100 sponsorships in place for 2017


PAUL BLAND MOTORSPORT have for the past few years sponsored the awards for the Formula 600 class. This will continue in 2017, but in addition they will provide the paddock tyre supply and fitting service at all of our meetings, and in addition they will sponsor the ‘Anglesey Grand’. Paul Bland is based at Gaerwen on Anglesey and in addition to the provision and fitting of tyres provides a full range of motorcycle workshop and dyno services. Their website is www.paulblandmotorsport.com, telephone number 01248 422477. Please give them your support.


SSR SUSPENSION come on board with us to provide a paddock service for suspension set-ups and fork and shock technical support; they are also agents for Motul products, supplied at discounted prices to ACU licence holders. For 2017 they will be the named sponsor of our Golden Era Supersport class. W100 riders are encouraged to contact them in advance of the season to discuss the services and support they might require. Mark Standley, based at Telford, is the man to contact, via www.ssr-suspension.uk, telephone 07528 777023.


The W100 classes planned for 2017 are:

-          1. Powerbikes – machines over 700cc
-          2. Pre-Electronics Powerbikes – machines over 700cc (with separate subdivision for Golden Era Superbikes)
-          3. Formula 600
-          4. 650 Twins
-          5. 100 – 500cc Allcomers, with no tyre restrictions
-          6. Pre-Injection 501-1300cc (with separate sub-divisions for up to 650cc and over)
-          7. Golden Era Supersport – pre-2001 Supersport machines (600cc 4-cylinder & 750cc 2-cylinder), including later versions if the models remained basically unchanged.
-          8a. Classic Bikes (with sub–divisions for 250cc singles, 250cc twins, 350cc, 500cc, and over 500cc, if the entry levels justify this)
-          8b. Forgotten Era – up to 500cc and pre-1991
-          9. Open Sidecars (with separate sub-division for Open 600s).
-          10. Senior Open – – ie second classes for Powerbikes & Formula 600 (Anglesey events only)
-          11. Lightweight Open – ie second classes for 100–500cc Allcomers, 650 Twins, Classics, etc (Anglesey events only)

In essence the only real change from 2016 is the introduction of a Pre-Electronics Powerbikes class – see below. With such a variety of classes, the on-track mix cannot realistically be decided until entries start rolling in and we can accurately gauge class and race numbers, but based on the numbers and lap times in 2016, the mix is likely to be broadly the same, ie Powerbikes & Pre-Electronics Powerbikes Formula 600 650 Twins & Golden Era Supersport Pre-Injection 100-500cc Allcomers Classic & Forgotten Era Open Sidecars Senior Open (Anglesey) Lightweight Open (Anglesey) At Anglesey all solo riders will, as last year, be able to identify at least two classes to compete in, if they so wish. Again as last year, the Senior and Lightweight Open races will have one race per day, whilst all other classes will have two races per day. We again ask that riders continue to support us and to race with us whenever they can - and to encourage others to do likewise. Thank you.


The idea for this new class is twofold: firstly to help those already competing in the Powerbikes races on older /pre-rider aids bikes, and secondly, with a plentiful supply of reasonably-priced second-hand machines around, to generate additional entries. Our initial thoughts were first publicised in October 2016 and were generally very well-received. Several riders then made constructive comments that have now enabled us to firm up our proposals. So here they are: Pre Electronics Powerbikes are Powerbikes with no electronic-aids such as engine maps, traction control, launch control or anti-lock brakes, and with standard cdis for ignition control. Quick shifters and Power Commanders (or similar) are allowed. The machines must be 4-stroke machines over 700cc: 4 cylinder up to 1000cc, 3 cylinder up to 900cc, 2 cylinder up to 1200cc (all with 15% rebore tolerances) and must have been produced in the period 1998 to 2008. There will be a sub-division for Golden Era Superbikes (unchanged from previous years) for pre-2001 superbikes (750cc 4 cylinder, 1000cc 3 cylinder, and 1100cc 2 cylinder), including later versions if the models remained basically unchanged. This Pre-Electronics Powerbikes class has been the brainchild of Paul Brandon and Martin Crook (thanks, boys), and each is happy to take questions from any W100 riders or potential riders requiring further information. Their telephone numbers and email addresses are shown below :

With such a variety of classes, the on-track mix cannot realistically be decided until entries start rolling in and we can accurately gauge class and race numbers, but based on the numbers and lap times in 2015, the mix is likely to be the same as last year, ie


via our website www.wirral100.co.uk, and via Twitter and Facebook

CHAIRMAN: Dave Edwards VICE CHAIRMAN: Hefin Smith SECRETARY / SOCIAL SECRETARY Helen Smith, Kerrowmoar, 18 Y Maes, Denbigh, LL16 3JR (tel 01745 816773 mobile 07738 820367) TREASURER / ROAD RACE CO-ORDINATOR Dave Francis, Ballaspur, Furrocks Lane, Ness, Neston, South Wirral, CH64 4EH (tel 0151 336 4940) ROAD RACE SECRETARY Margaret Dewsnap, 2 Cae Coch Cottages, Kelsterton Road, Rockcliffe, Flintshire, CH6 5SJ (tel 01244 813127) CHAIRMAN / ROAD RACE CHIEF MARSHAL Dave Edwards, 16 Crosthwaite Ave, Eastham, Wirral, CH62 9DG (tel 0151 327 4399 email: david.edwards10@ntlworld.com) CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER Martin Crook (tel 07423 056280 email: crookmec@talktalk.net) RIDERS LIAISON OFFICER Paul Brandon (tel – 07774 752963 email: paulbrandon31@yahoo.co.uk) PRESIDENT: Harold Bowman VICE PRESIDENTS: Dave Barnett, John Barnett, John Broster, Neil Carver, Joe Edwards, Pete Kelly, John Watkin COMMITTEE: All above plus Jimmy Aspinall, Phil Napier, Pete Thompson, Gary Uttley